Patti 1/7 to 1/13

Since it was the first week of classes at the “new” University (Georgia Regents University Augusta!) things were rather hectic and I was definitely not as good as wanted to be. I did, however, try to gradually change some undesirable eating habits, with a little success, and also managed to explore the workouts on the Xfinity On Demand sports and fitness channel– what a great resource!

I started out slowly, of course, thinking that I would probably just die if I threw myself into a long, hard, and probably discouraging routine. So I found a nice, easy 12 minute 1-mile walk to get the ball rolling. It was perfect! Today, I decided to branch out a little bit, and found a 27 minute one that was billed as a “two-mile walk.” WOW. Am I out of shape! Ms. Kendra Kemmerley (the instructor on the two videos) sure turned up the cardio energy level for this one! Although I occasionally wanted to just give up, I hung in there and worked up a good sweat and burned a few calories. Success!

OK, I have an engagement with the Crawley family in just about four minutes, and it would be improper to be late, so I’m off!

More later!

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One Response to Patti 1/7 to 1/13

  1. pattiarwen says:

    Duuuude, remember when it was a crazy week and the freaking first week of classes and you did a bunch of awesome stuff for yourself??? Rockstar. Freaking bam.

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